Blade was born on a cold and stormy winter night in Elmira. He always knew he wanted to be a mascot, so he was thrilled when Elmira got a hockey team! Blade loved skating, so being a hockey mascot was his dream job. Blade knew he had to show how much he loves Elmira so that the hockey team would choose him as their mascot. Blade was so excited when he found out that the team was going to let the public vote on the team’s name. If he could win over the community and encourage them to call the team the “Elmira Jackals” he would almost certainly be chosen as the mascot! So Blade went out into Elmira to make new friends and to volunteer around the city. Luckily for him, the community loved his spirit and loyalty, and they decided to name the team the Jackals! Blade knew that he was the best jackal for the mascot job, but now he had to convince the team. When the Jackals staff saw how enthusiastic Blade was about hockey and Elmira, he was chosen to be the mascot! To this day, volunteering in the community and meeting new friends are Blade’s favorite hobbies.




We met up with Blade to ask him some questions so his fans can get to know him better - check it out!

How do you get pumped before a game? I like to greet my fans and see all their spirit. Pumping up our fans pumps me up! What’s your favorite food? Nailers Nachos, Monarchs Macaroni, Royals Root Beer, Thunder Tea, Admirals Apple Pie.
Who are your best friends? My best friends are Moose from Rochester and Sabretooth from Buffalo. I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, but we have fun whenever we hang out!
How do you stay in shape? I stay in shape by marching in a lot of parades around Chemung County! I also like to play pickup hockey.
What are your hobbies? I love meeting new friends and volunteering around Elmira!
What is your favorite song? “Who Let the Dogs Out”
What places would you like to visit? I want more opportunities to travel to Buffalo and Rochester to visit my friends at the Sabres and the Amerks!
Why do you love Elmira? I love Elmira because of our supportive fans! Everybody here is so nice and I love getting the chance to interact with them! Don't forget to connect with me on Facebook!

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