Jackals Fan Loyalty Program

The new Jackals Fan Loyalty Program rewards Jackals fans for just about everything they do as fans. You earn points a number of ways, just for being a fan, and can redeem these points for tons of free stuff like tickets,  autographed merchandise, food and more!



What is the Loyalty Program?

The Jackals Fan Loyalty Program is part of our brand new Mobile App.  There will be tons of opportunities throughout the season to earn Jackals Points that can be redeemed for rewards and prizes!


How do I sign up?

Simply download the app and register either through the Facebook login option or with your email address.  You will be instantly ready to start earning points to be put towards rewards.



How does it work?

Bronco Jackals points are earned by inputting or scanning loyalty codes in the My Rewards section of the app, where it says Scan/Enter Code.  Loyalty codes will be available for buying merchandise, food or tickets with the Jackals, for just attending the game, following the Jackals on social media,or becoming a Jackals season ticket holder, and more!.  Be sure to check the website or the App for new chances to earn points all the time.


What rewards can I earn?

Fans can earn points towards a number of rewards that will be updated throughout the season.  Rewards include things like autographed player pictures and pucks, food, tickets and for the super fan you could have a chance to win a season ticket.

To see what rewards are available and how many points are needed to earn them, go to my Rewards in the menu of the mobile App or click on the Points and Rewards areas of Loyalty Program tab of the website.



How do I keep track of my points?

Your app keeps a running total of your Jackals Points and you can view your total at any time by visiting the My Rewards section of your app.

Can I use the same reward more than once?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use your points toward a reward as long as you have enough points.  Certain restrictions may apply for how many times you can redeem for the same reward in a single day, but if you want all your rewards to go toward popcorn, you are welcome to do so.

Can I combine my points with others to redeem them for the bigger rewards?

No, rewards can only be redeemed by using your own points and may not be combined with those of family or friends.

Is there a way to be in the rewards program outside of the mobile app?

The loyalty program is a feature offered EXCLUSIVELY on our mobile app, so you must have the app and be registered with it in order to participate.

I have more questions that aren’t addressed.  What should I do?

For more questions about the loyalty program, please email us at bobt@firstarena.com