General Parking Regulations

Parking is permissible on all City streets where signs do not otherwise regulate parking. Parking in the downtown district is regulated through the use of parking meters. Follow the directions below or on the parking meter when parking in these spaces. In addition, you must follow the New York State Parking Regulations. 
Parking Lots
The City of Elmira owns parking lots at 122 W. Water Street and 237 W. Water Street. When parking in these lots follow the directions in the lots. At 122 W. Water Street, you must pay for your space in the dropbox when you park. At 237 W. Water Street, pay the parking meters as you normally would at any other parking meter. 

Event Parking
Parking for events at the Clemens Center, First Arena, Wisner Park, or downtown venues is provided in the City owned parking garage for $2.00 event parking. Other businesses in the downtown district provide parking in their lots during events for a charge determined by them. Parking is not permitted in private lots or plazas such as Langdon Plaza for event-goers. Vehicles that are parked in these lots may be towed away at the owner's expense.

Centertown Parking Garage Hours
6:30am - 10:30pm Monday-Friday
and during weekend events